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List of CPOM publications in 2012:


Farrell, S. L., McAdoo, D. C., Laxon, S. W., Zwally, H. J., Yi, D., Ridout, A., Giles, K. (2012), "Mean dynamic topography of the Arctic Ocean", Geophysical Research Letters, 39.


Giles, K. A., Laxon S. W., Ridout, A. L., Wingham, D. J., Bacon, S., (2012). "Western Arctic Ocean freshwater storage increased by wind-driven spin-up of the Beaufort Gyre", Nature Geoscience, 5.


Tsubouchi, T., Bacon, S., Garabato, A. C. N., Aksenov, Y., Laxon, S. W., Fahrbach, E., Beszczynska-Moeller, A., Hansen, E., Lee, C. M., Ingvaldsen, R. B., (2012). "The Arctic Ocean in summer: A quasi-synoptic inverse estimate of boundary fluxes and water mass transformation", Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 117.