Julian Hunt, CB, MA, PhD, FIMA, FRS

Professor of Climate Modelling (UCL)
Honorary Professor of Mathematics

Full Curriculum Vitae:

Born: 5 September 1941
Education: Westminster School 1955-1959
Undergradute Study Trinity College, Cambridge, 1960-1963
Mechanical Sciences (i.e. Egnineering), Pt.I, Pt.II.
B.A. First Class Honours
Postgraduate Study Trinity College, Cambridge, 1963-1964
University of Warwick, School of Engineering Sciences, 1964-1966
Awarded Ph.D. by University of Cambridge on
Aspects of Magnetohydrodynamics, 1967
Supervisor: Professor J.A. Shercliff, F.R.S.

Visiting Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa, on Magntohydrodynamics (3 months)

Fulbright travel scholarship to USA to work as Research Associate at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, with Professor G.S.S. Ludford.

Research Officer at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories in the Fluid Dynamics Section, under Mr. D.J.W. Richards. (Main work on wind forces on structures.)

University Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Engineering at University of Cambridge.
1978 University Reader in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge.
1990 Professor in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge.

Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office, Bracknell (a Next Steps and, since 1996, a Trading Fund Agency of the UK Ministry of Defence).

Visiting Scientist CERFACS, Toulouse and Visiting Professor Institute de Mechanique des Fluides de Toulouse.
1997-1998 Professor Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University.
1998- Visiting Scientist Stanford University Center for Turbulence Research.
1998- Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge.
1999- Professor in Climate Modelling, Dept. Space & Climate Physics and Dept. Earth Sciences, (Honorary Professor in Dept. Mathematics) University College London.
2003- Director, Lighthill Institute of Mathematical Sciences (LIMS)
Other Academic &
Related Activities:
Part-time Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics at Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry.

Elected Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Elected Teaching Fellow 1970; Professorial Fellow 1990; Title E Fellow 1992.
1974 Invited to make a film for Open University course on 'Air Pollution Dispersion'
Visiting Professor at Colorado State University: Fluid Mechanics Program, Department of Civil Engineering.
1975 Elected a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

Visiting Associate Professor at North Carolina State University, Department of Geosciences, to work with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Elected Chairman, Environmental Mathematics Group, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.
1978-1988 Assistant (later Associate) Editor of Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
1980-1986 Visiting Scientist, CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.
1980-1992 Member of U.K. Atmospheric Dispersion Working Group (of National Radiolgical Protection Board).
1986 Visiting Scientist National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.

Appointed Hon. Sec. and Chairman of Programme Committee of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications & member of the Council of IMA and the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

IMA Appointed member of the Programme Committee of the International Congress
of Industrial & Applied Mathematics.
1984 & 1986

Visiting Lecturer & Research Adviser, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
(supported by Overseas Development Administration, London).
1984-1990 Chairman of the Turbulence Sub Committee of European Mechanics Committee

Appointed as a member of Advisory Panel on Environmental Research to Central Electricity Generating Board.

Awarded prize by Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers for best paper in 1987 in Trans. Can. Soc. Mech. Eng.

Chairman of Steering Committee of European Research Community for Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (ERCOFTAC).
1987-1991 Visiting Scientist at Stanford University & NASA Ames.


General Secretary of ERCOFTAC and member of the Managing Board.
1988 Visiting Scientist with Japanese Society for Visiting Scholars.
1989 Elected Fellow of The Royal Society.
1989 Elected Vice-President of the Institute of Mathematics & Its Applications (IMA).
1990-1994 Chairman of Scientific Programme Committee of ERCOFTAC.
1992 Honorary Professor of Fluid Mechanics in the University of Cambridge.
1992 Honorary Fellow, Wind Engineering Society. (Prize for best paper 1996)

Permanent representative of the U.K. at the World Meteorological Organisation and member of the Executive Council.

Member of UK Science & Technology Committee of International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)
1993 Visiting Scientist, Arizona State University
1993-1995 Elected President of the Institute of Mathematics & Its Applications (IMA).
1995-2001 Member of the Council of IMA.
1993 Manley lecturer to the North East branch of the Royal Meteorological Society.
1993-1996 Member of the Natural Environmental Research Council.
1994-1995 Chairman of the Atmospheric Science & Technology Board of NERC.

Elected Chairman of Informal Conference of West European Directors (of National Meteorological Services).
1994 Invited lecturer on behalf of WMO at the UN conference on IDNDR at Yokohama (May1994).
1994 T. Hawksley lecturer at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Elected Chairman of European Climate Support Network (of National Meteorological Services)
1995 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Salford.
1996 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Bath.

Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee for International Conference on Industrial Applied Mathematics to be held in Edinburgh in 1999.
1996 Invited panellist on behalf of WMO at the UN Conference Habitat II at Istanbul.

Member of the Organising committee (and opening and closing lecturer) at the Isaac Newton Institute Programme on Atmospere Ocean Dynamics.

Chairman of Royal Society Royal Academy of Engineering Science Technology & Engineering Working Group on Natural Disaster Reduction.
1997 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of East Anglia.
1998-99 Elected to the Council of the Royal Society.
1998 Appointed JM Burgers Visiting Professor at TU Delft.
1998-2002 Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the NERC Insurance Industry Project TSUNAMI on the application of scientific research to the insurance problems.

Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee of the Isaac Newton Institute Royal Academy of Engineering Research Programme on Turbulence (and opening and
closing lecturer).
1999 Co-Editor, Flow Turbulence & Combustion (Kluwer Publishers)
2000- Royal Society Observer on Advisory Committee on Natural Disaster Reduction
2000 Honorary Doctor of Science, Institut Polytechnique du Grenoble, and University of Uppsala, University of Warwick
2001 Awarded the Lewis Fry Richardson medal of the European Geophysical Society
2001 Appointed Vice-President of the National Society for Clean Air
  2003 Member, Environment Agency Scientific Advisory Panel
2003 Mary B. Upson visiting Professor, Cornell University
2003 Fellow, American Physical Society
2004 Honorary Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers
2005 Honorary Degree, University of Dundee


Elected a Councillor on Cambridge City Council; sometime member of Allotments, Education, General Purposes, Finance, Staffing, and Policy Committee
1972-1973 Leader of Labour Group of Councillors
1972-1974 Traffic Commissioner to the Department of Environment, Eastern Traffic Area
Governor, Chesterton Secondary School
  2000- Appointed as a 'working peer' in the House of Lords, with the title Baron Hunt of Chesterton
2001-2002 Member Lords Select Committee on 'Animals in Scientific Procedures'
2002 Member Lords Select Committee on 'Microprocessors and nano-technology'

Member Lords Select Committee on 'EU and Climate Change'
  2001- Chairman of Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
Chairman/organiser or co-chairman of scientific meetings Co-Chairman of European Mechanics Colloquium 50:
'Wind-tunnel simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer' Berlin (1974).
Chairman of the External Flow Meetings, National Physical Laboratory, in a series of Industrial Fluid Mechanics (1974-1979).
Chairman, Convener one-day meeting on 'Air flow over hills', Royal Meteorological Society, London (1975).
Co-chairman of European Mechanics Colloquium 70:
'Liquid metal magnetohydrodynamics with strong magnetic fields', Grenoble (1976).
Fluid Mechanics Symposium, CEGB/University of Cambridge (1976).
'Turbulent diffusion in the environment',
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (1978).
'Mathematical modelling of large-scale accidents in the environment', Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (1979).
'The modelling of dispersion of transport pollution',
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (1980).
'Research on local wind environments'
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications/Royal Meteorological Society (1981).

'Turbulent diffusion on stably stratified flow in the environment',
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (1983).

'Air flow and dispersion in rough terrain: Euromech 173',
Delphi (with Profs. D.P. Lalas & D.M. Asimakopoulos) (1984).

'Mixing and chemical reactions in turbulent flows',
Euromech 220 (with Prof.K.N.~Bray, Dr.~R.E.~Britter) Cambridge (1987).

'Computational fluid flow - the role of super computers',
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (with Dr. D. Jacobs) (1987).

'Air pollution modelling and its applications',
NATO/CCMS, Cambridge (with Dr. H. van Dop) (1988).

'Mathematics and Computation of Deforming Surfaces',
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (with Dr. D. Dritschel & R.J. Perkins) (1988).

'Air flow and turbulence over complex terrain',
Euromech (266) Bologna (with Drs F. Tampieri & D.J. Carruthers) (1990).

'Wavelets, Fractals and Fourier Transforms',
I.M.A. & S.M.A.I. (with Drs M. Farge & J.C. Vassilicos) (1990).

First European Conference on Applications of Meteorology,
(Oxford 1993)

Mathematics of Atmosphere Ocean Atmosphere Dynamics
Programme at Isaac Newton Institute (July-December 1996)

Wind over waves,
I.M.A. Conference, Salford (1997).
'Turbulence' (Programme at Isaac Newton Institute),
Chair of Scientific Committee (January - June 1999).
International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics,
Chair of Scientific Programme Committee (July 1999).
Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering Conference on Dealing with Natural Disasters,
Chair of Organising/Scientific Committee (October 1999).

Wind over Waves,
I.M.A. Conference, Cambridge (September 2001).

Developments and New Applications in Satellites,
(Royal Society, October 2001).

Hydrology and Flood Forecasts,
(Royal Society, November 2001).

London's Environment and Future
(University of London Senate House, September 2002)
  Coastal Zones of Sub Saharan Africa I (ACOPS)
(Natural History Museum & Royal Society, May 2004)
  Coastal Zones of Sub Saharan Africa II (ACOPS)
(Accra, October 2005)

NATO Advanced Study Institute on 'Flow and transport processes in complex obstructed geometrics'.
(Kiev, May 2004)

Arctic, Antarctic Ice Sheets
(Royal Society, October 2005)
Waves and Tsunamis
(Lighthill Institute of Mathematical Sciences, March 2005)
Urban Climate Change Conferences (with Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
(Houston, February 2005; UCL, April 2006)