Daniel Feltham - Publications List

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Tsamados M, DL Feltham and A Wilchinsky. Impact of a new anisotropic rheology on simulations of Arctic sea ice, J. Geophysical Research, doi:10.1029/2012JC007990, in press.
Petty, AA, DL Feltham, and PR Holland. Impact of atmospheric forcing on Antarctic continental shelf water masses, Journal of Physical Oceanography, in press
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Feltham, DL, MAJ Chaplain, IM Young, and JW Crawford, 2002. A mathematical analysis of a minimal model of nematode migration in soil. Journal of Biological Systems, 10, 15-32, 2002.
Feltham, DL and J Garside, 2001. Analytical and numerical solutions describing the inward solidification of a binary melt. Chemical Engineering Science , 56 , 2357-2370.
Feltham, DL and MG Worster, 2000. Similarity solution describing the melting of a mush. Journal of Crystal Growth, 208, 746-756.
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Feltham, DL and MG Worster, 1999. Corrugations of the sea-ice-ocean interface caused by ocean shear. NATO ASI Series:Ice Physics in the Natural and Endangered Environment, 56, 285-289.
Commissioned Reports and Conference Proceedings
Around 100 accepted conference abstracts.
Feltham, DL and AV Wilchinsky, 2003. A continuum approach to anisotropic sea ice mechanics. Proceedings of Workshop on Small-scale Sea-Ice and Ocean Modeling (SIOM) in the Nearshore Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, OCS Study MMS 2003-043.
Feltham, DL, 2001. Models of sea ice dynamics, CPOM report, 195 pages. Preparation of this report contributed to my own knowledge of sea ice dynamics, provided the basis for two successful research projects, and has proved useful in educating new staff and students.
Feltham, DL and J Garside, 2000. The inward solidification of a undercooled sphere of binary melt. Proceedings of the Institute of Chemical Engineers: Industrial Crystallization meeting held in Cambridge, UK, September 1999.